(dino wizard type)


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age: 9,308 height: 6’2” temperament: corrupted, depraved, foul

once an explorer and scholar from an advanced civilization looking for knowledge, Jest discovered a secret underground kingdom called the “Oubliette.” ancient beasts and magi were foretold to hide a dark and powerful secret. but she failed in her quest and has been corrupted. jest is now a beast master - half magi, half beast, roaming the “Oubliette” for prey, and hapless explorers once like her. It is said if you are devoured by her, only the void of the abyss awaits you, but if you are able to solve her 63 riddles you may pass deeper into the “Oubliette” and pass out the other side as a paragon of wisdom. legends tell across the known world that even just knowing of the “Oubliette” will drive one mad, and Jest’s story is now a tale of warning.