Music video I directed, shot, edited and animated. Premiered on okayplayer, May 2019.

‘johanson loves weed” (february 2019)

Promotional video made for SLUG’s third year anniversary party, that included a pop up shop with a brand new line of merch. (october 2018)

"Big Milk has spilled their milk, luckily Gibbit is here to help." (september 2018)

teaser for "the fashion of 109,069" a riso printed comic book by me. (animated summer 2017, combo of digital animation and 16mm)

teaser for "bad friends #1" a comic book by me. (animated summer 2016, combo of digital animation and 16mm)

unreleased music video made with rory fereira (aka milo) for his side project scallops hotel. (spring 2015, digital animation)


The only remaining full episode of Sad Kidz TV, a Canadian after school cartoon block with the fun loving host Shane, exploring the deep melancholy it takes to be a kid.

Premiered on NOBUDGE.COM April 26th, 2019.

a sketch about what to do when writer’s block hits. spring 2019.

a very great video sketch, starring me and victor. (february 2016)

a sad party movie shot on 16mm. (fall 2015)

“who care’s what justin said” 0:00-2:02

“on” 2:03-5:50


an improvised short film about friendship? (fall 2014, shot on a canon dslr secretly in the science centre of ontario)


An alien has just immigrated to earth, and he’s evaluating his life and decisions that lead him to this point. (fall 2013, colour 16mm)


the first man in a space, a cosmonaut, questions his place in the universe. (winter 2013, B&W 16mm)