(prankster orc type)



age: 19 height: 5’2” temperament: jovial, yet mysterious

legends tells in the countryside, of a young prankster brulkior who was run out of town, after town. mayor after mayor with a goop bucket falling over their head would tell brulkior he’d never amount to anything. then one day brulkior stumbled upon a temple inside a cave, after investigating for three days, he found “the jewel of megalok” that tranformed his life forever. no longer just brulkior, mega brulkior now had the power to prove all those mayors wrong. not only did every mayor in the countryside get a bigger bucket of goop over all their heads, but also mega brulkior became the mayor of the entire countryside for being so cool, and all those damn fucking mayors went to jail for being super lame. nice. mega brulkior rocks, man. and without further ado to read your commencement speech, i introduce…mega-brulkior!!!!! <3 <3