(weird looking guy type)


age: unknown height: 5’7” temperament: daily road rage, stinky

roaming the motorways of cleaveland, OH he’s only known as “motorwayman.” while you drive he will show up next to you and pantomime driving a car, like a weird french clown. claims of realistic revving sounds and honks have been claimed to occur if you engage in his tomfoolery. in 1987 one man in the worst car accident in cleaveland’s history of car accidents was said to be yelling “motorwayman motorwayman motorwayman, meep meep vroom vroom!!” while being carted off to the local ICU. one man, Jerimiah Chunce, was said to be investigating motorwayman back in 2003, but his family have lost track of him ever since showing up on the local news about finding motorwayman’s patented indigo top hat, and a burlap sack of lug nuts in a mysterious cave complex under a motorfreeway bridge. investigators claimed the caves were formed by mole people and left it at that. on the 15th anniversary of Mr. Chunce’s disappearance, we warn those on the hunt for motorwayman, some tales are better left untold…