risograph is a great low cost means of creating colourful unique books, prints, stickers, and more! here is a sampling of my most recent printed materials. i currently print at risoLAB in NYC. you can buy a lot of this stuff on my online store: sensitiveathletes.bigcartel.com.


OUBLIETTE (november 2018)

-an adventure story of an explorer who falls down a trapdoor and discovers an entire underworld of twisted and contorted creatures.

  • story is entirely visual and changes mediums from watercolour, to pixel art, to plasticine. all look very good printed with risograph.

-CMYK separation printed with teal, bright red, yellow, purple

-includes a VERY COOL fold out map!!!! wow!

tcaf pic 3.png

THE FASHION OF 109,069 A.D. (august 2017)

- a fictional academic account of the future culture and civilizations of humanity: after the world was struck with a catastrophe that caused a thick poisonous fog to envelope the surface, all humans now livie on unimaginably giant beasts that house cities and cultures on top of them.

- cornflower blue and fluorescent pink on lavendar paper.

LOOK WHAT I DID! (fall 2017)

- four colour cmyk (cornflower blue, fluorescent pink, yellow, violet)

- 76 page spiral bound book collecting a lot of my pencil crayon, and watercolour pieces.

stickers, prints

CROHL'S HOUSE ③ (may 2018)

- flo pink, cornflower blue, yellow, and purple cover

- three sections, respectively: teal/bright red, purple/green, teal/flo pink

- 80 pages, three long stories, a bunch of smaller gag comics.

CROHL'S HOUSE ⓶ (april 2017),

- teal, fluorescent pink, bright red cover.

- teal, bright red interior.

- 32 page, two long stories, a few smaller gag comics.


- green, cornflower blue, fluorescent pink cover.

- cornflower blue, fluorescent pink interior.

- 18 page, special edition limited run print for a comic festival in L.A. of a few stories that would later be featured in crohl's house 3.

risolab colour sheet.png